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Twitter and the Power of Personal Learning Networks (PLNs) 



*All images, music, and information in this presentation can be found here!


Click to explore the resources listed below in the Table of Contents!








Twitter: Tips and Resources

Click the link above to find several resources on using Twitter.




Build Your Personal Learning Network on Twitter


PRESTO: How to Build A PLN Using Twitter


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#Edchat- Award-winning Hashtag Discussion on Twitter


#Edchat: Join the Conversation


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Using Tweetdeck for Hashtag Discussions


Using Tweetdeck for Hashtag Discussions


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Useful Links


Twitter Guide for Newbies

Twitter for Teachers

Top 7 Twitter Tutorials on Youtube

PLN Twitter List

Twitter in the Classroom: Writing in 140 Characters by Paperless English

Get More out of Twitter with Twitter Apps. (Part 1) by Ozge

Get More out of Twitter with Twitter Apps. (Part 2) by Ozge


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Lists for Building a Great Educator PLN


Follow in a few clicks

Click on the link, then scroll down to the end of the page, enter your Twitter information and click follow. This is at the end of the very end of the page.


250 Recommended Educators!  

100+ English Language Teachers on Twitter 

Education Technology gurus on Twitter 

PLN Twitter List

Twitter Help for Educators

Educators on Twitter nominated for an Edublogs Award


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6 STEP Guide to Twitter for Beginners


1. Register at Twitter.com


  • Click sign-up now
    • Pick a short name (10 characters or less) that is easy to remember
    • Ex. If your name is John Doe and you love using technology for teaching, then try JohnDoe or EdtechJD.
    • A name like JohnDoe20789 is too long and difficult to remember.
  • Fill in your bio please- Write teacher or educator somewhere in your 160 character biography
  • Add an image- If possible use an image of what you really look like


2. Follow me @ShellTerrell


  • This is how to follow someone



3. Tweet me this message


  • Copy and paste this message under What's Happening Now on your Home Page: @shellterrell Hello I just joined Twitter and looking to connect!
  • Don't forget to click tweet to send this.



  • I will then introduce you to the Twitter sphere and tell educators to follow you.


4. Sign-up for any of these browsers to make tweeting faster and easier:



5. Follow the educators on any of these lists.


6. Begin tweeting with the educators on the list by using @theirTwitterName.


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What Does Your Hashtag Use Say About You? by Shelly Terrell

List of Education Hashtags by Cybraryman

Education Chats on Twitter and their Hashtags by Cybraryman

Video: Using Tweet Deck for Hashtag Discussions by Shelly Terrell


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Video: #Edchat: Join the Movement by Shelly Terrell


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What is #Edchat page by Cybraryman



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Teacher Reboot Camp Blog




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Other Resources by Shelly Terrell


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