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Page history last edited by Shelly S. Terrell 12 years, 10 months ago

On March 7th, I asked members of my Personal Learning Network (PLN) on my blog and on Twitter to send in short video clips with a sentence as to why they connect. By March 11th, over 50 teachers, parents, administrators, and students had participated from all over the world. Countries included the US, Australia, Turkey, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Vietnam and more. You can participate in upcoming videos by filling out this Google Doc. I will be using these video for presentations and you are more than welcome to use them as well!



Participants in Order of Their Slides


Twitter Handle

Shelly Terrell


Nicholas Provenzano


Carol Rainbow


Amanda & Louis Wilson


Stephen Terrell


Gabby Driver


Marina & Ivan Petrovic

@nsmarina http://educo11.com/

Mr. Maitland's Students


Monika Hardy

@monk51295  http://www.monkblogs.blogspot.com/

Laura Ponting


Damianne President


Sudama Chandra Panigrahi


Joan Young

@flourishingkids http://allkidscanflourish.blogspot.com

Kelly Tenkely

@ktenkely http://ilearntechnology.com, http://dreamsofeducation.wordpress.com

Teri Wilkens

@tawilkins http://teriwilkins.com/blog

Beth O'Connor


Arjana Blazic

@abfromz http://traveloteacher.blogspot.com/

Christopher Rogers

@MrR0g3rs http://www.edtechswami.com/

Chelsy Hooper


Lisa Dabbs & Aaron King

@teachingwthsoul http://teachingwithsoul.com

Kimberly Sanchez


Lydia Leimbach

@lleimbach http://rsuteachertech.wordpress.com

Eva Buyuksimkesyan

@evab2001 http://evasimkesyan.edublogs.org/

James Maitland

@jamesmaitland http://shcmac.wordpress.com

Jeanette Parham

@jjpspeaks http://digitallearningexperiences.ning.com

Can & Candan Buge


Caroline Wilkinson


Janet Bianchini

@janetbianchini http://civitaquana.blogspot.com

 Hannah Hardy




Other Versions of this Video


Video Presented at the ISTEK Conference in Istanbul, Turkey


Why Do We Connect? from Shelly Terrell on Vimeo.


Music- Hear Me by DJ Blue

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Creative Commons

Attribution Noncommercial Share-Alike

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